links to related and/or interesting sites

bands & artists
Tuner - pat & markus make tunes
2-Bit - electrocombobulatorysandwich
Ebauche - roughdraftsketch
the artist formerly known as Sarge - volume knob finger slip mishap
Splattercell (d.torn) - textural auditory explorations
Darkroom - ambiatmospheromixology
Centrozoon - a new strain of electronica
No-Man - a journey into song
The Beatnik Record Club - funk & such
Breda Mayock - singer, songwriter, violin player (off-line, Dec 2005)

music organisations
The Alphabet Set - electronmodification
TheyControl.Us - musings and musos, stateside
Burning Shed - UK record label pioneering the burn-on-demand model
Invisible Agent - producers, djs and label
Audio Terrorists - sounds of change
Lazybird - live sonic shenanigans

related media organisations
Cinehub - supplying an electronic solution for feature film & television production

Creative Commons - new copyright thinking for creative works
Firefox - free web browser... free as in "free beer", as well as "freedom of speech"
Open Office - free, open source office tools, such as a word processor and spreadsheet