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Inner Frequency Sounds

Inner Frequency Sounds began many moons ago as a fabled, half whispered secret. A non-existent band, a figment of our imagination with an endlessly maleable history. Remember the ill judged triple '70s live album? Their brief infatuation with Krautrock? And of course the cringeworthy sell out years of childrens tv and cornflake packet inserts in the mid '80s. They where the ultimate in-joke. The perfect retalliation against hipper-then-thou pronouncements from the pompous and the pretentious:

Hipper-then-thou: You mean you dont have the ultra rare belgian congo pressing of the first MC5 album on double beige vinyl? I thought you said you knew about music?

Thou: Quite. But what about Inner Frequency Sounds?

Hipper-then-thou: Eh..ah..yes! Of course I've heard of them. Their early stuff is great.

Thou: Yes. Yes it is.

But, strange as it may seem, IFS does not exist solely on another astral plain. In fact it is present in our world in the minds of Gareth Fagan and Alan Maguire. This is the part about reality so I'll try to be brief.

Alan and Gar met about five years ago when they were drafted into "Solus", a rock band, not a lightbulb munufacturer. Both guitarist Alan and bassist Gar had been playing for a couple of years in popular beat combos (and some not so popular). Solus, taking its lead from so many other Dublin bands went on to record some demos, play a series of underattended gigs and be courted by a major record label (to no avail) finally breaking up in a blaze of apathy and indifference.

Realizing that the world was no longer interested in the guitar based rock band, Gar and Alan bought themselves PCs and got to work recreating the sonic world in thir own digital image. Many months of mind warping experimentation followed. Nourished only by cups of tea; Informed by Red Snapper and Squarepusher; Driven by a growing awareness that they were being guided by a mysterious yet benign force; oblivious to the personal risks involved, they pressed on.

So, two years, and many hundreds of hours of sequenced break beats later - here we are. A 4-track taster cd done. A full scale album in production. Gar and Alan have finally accepted the cosmic destiny fate has handed them. WE are Inner Frequency Sounds.
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