Schpampipe is really two bands, joined in one body:

One was a live act, taking the music of electric Miles Davis, John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson, blending it with the cool jazz-funk of Grant Green, re-interpreting it and tie it in together with original material.

The other was an all-improvisation combo that carried on the singular work of Phned cZensic in charting areas that most bands never even realise exist. Where others feared to tread, Schpampipe said "stand back, and leave this to the professionals." The result was Schpamprov - group improvisations taken to the extreme.

Even the band members seem to be suffering from split personalities: every member has an alias, and performs electronic music in his own right.
MemberRole in SchpampipeAlias
Jonathan O'Riordanbass & vocalsLove Rhino
Alan Maguireguitar & loopsAlan Smithee
John McCullaghguitar & loopsHalodarkly
Mark Finlaydrums & laptopologyRude Doc
John Mahonguest electrotrumpetThalamus

And where is Schpampipe these days? Well, while the various members are based in various cities across the globe, the band is not active, even if each of the individuals is. Check out the diaries and artist pages for details of what they're up to.

Oh, and what of the name? Well you know, even the band don't seem particularly sure.
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