Why use 3 chords and the truth, when you could use 15 chords and a bag full of lies?

Back in the mists of time (the late 1970s) two interesting things happened to John McCullagh: he got a guitar; his brother brought home an audio casette tape of Star Wars made he had recorded in the cinema. While not necessarily endorsing either piracy or guitar lessons, let's just say that the work of Ben Burtt probably had more lasting effect than that of John Williams.

There followed a period of playing guitar, solo and in groups. Then a period of playing with a guitar and effects that could be described as guitar-playing in the same way that sculpting could be described as chisel-playing. This culminated in the all-improv group Phned cZensic, which was in active service from 1998 to 2002. During this time, much musical change was in the air, and all members of Phned also began work as what might be termed "electronic artists". In John's case, Halodarkly was born, alongside Alan Smithee, Love Rhino and Rude Doc.

The first release under this name was the track "The Littlest Phobos" on the Alphabet Set's Wooden Educational compilation (although trivia fans may like to know that Centrozoon's 2001 "Centrophil" release features a track called "All The Time It Is Using Us (Halodarkly Dance Mix)" by John McCullagh.)

Halodarkly has created remixes for Centrozoon, Darkroom and David Torn (aka Splattercell).

In his spare time he lobbies for cheesecake to be recognised as a major food group, and writes about himself in the third person.
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